No one knows plain language
like we do.


We are thinkers and change agents.

Susan Kleimann, PhD

Founder & CEO

For Susan, language has power: the power to help people live better lives. This core belief is the foundation of her firm Kleimann Communication Group, where – since 1997 – she has developed and tested high-impact plain language documents that touch millions of people.  She previously served as Chair of the Center for Plain Language and speaks frequently nationally and internationally. She is currently working with other international experts to develop a set of international standards on plain language and methods of evaluation central to those standards.  

Barbra Kingsley, PhD

Co-Founder & Principal Partner

Barbra has spent her 20-year career helping simplify the complex. Whether it is facilitating groups through the complex cultural changes they face or redesigning documents used by millions of people, she is focused on helping organizations simplify and communicate more effectively. Barbra is a Board Member at the Center for Plain Language and has previously led judging on the annual ClearMark award, which celebrates the best in plain language in the U.S. She is a frequent speaker for national groups around the topics of clear communication, consumer protection, and increasing governmental efficiency through plain language. 

Joe Trybula

Senior Analyst and Project Manager

Joe brings clarity and an eye for efficiency to communication projects, focusing on developing clarity within business intelligence and knowledge management systems. His work across different industries taught him that though the products may be different, the core work processes needed to achieve exceptional outcomes are the same. Joe leads the design and analysis of research projects for Kleimann Communication Group, including qualitative data collection and analysis. His projects often center on Customer and Business users’ intersection with consumer communication and system data usage. 

Alex Miranda

Senior Analyst and Project Manager

With a background in statistical analysis and quantitative research methods, Alex applies innovative methods of analyzing data to elicit meaningful insights – shaping recommendations to clients in order to create positive consumer-based outcomes. Additionally, as a U.S. Court Certified translator, Alex leads Kleimann’s translation projects, using a plain language framework as the foundation for this work. His methodical approach ensure the accurate development of legal documents through a linguistic lens, and our licensed translation services focus on retention of meaning while making documents clear and understandable.

Kate Sussman

Senior Analyst and Project Manager

Kate’s main concern has always been for the clarity, form, and visual presentation of the English language. Plain language principles are a logical extension of this concern and have made her an effective communicator. Her expertise includes grammar, copyediting, writing, research, and content validation and analysis. From her years working in academic textbook production, she has developed an outstanding facility with graphic and textual aspects of formatting, editing, and proofreading in a variety of media. This experience strengthens her ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously and design and implement effective strategies for change. Her editorial skills are balanced by an equal facility with electronic publishing applications. 

Sue Trybula

Business Manager

Sue makes Kleimann – and its contracts – run. Though she works on the often dense and complex financial side of our work, she ensures the exact same clarity in these areas that all Kleimann clients have come to expect.  She has over 30 years of experience in managing all accountability related to the internal and external financial reporting systems. Certified as a contract specialist from the George Washington School of Business, Sue manages negotiations, teaming agreements, subcontractors, and invoicing. She currently manages Kleimann’s project reporting and reconciliation for major contracts using industry standards for accounting and financial management.